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“One of the best thrillers I have read this year. The plot is intelligent and will keep you hooked from the beginning. The author did a superb job creating a set of characters who are fully developed and very much enjoyable. I can hardly wait for the sequel.”

– Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Any Means Necessary)

OUR SACRED HONOR is book #6 in the bestselling Luke Stone thriller series, which begins with ANY MEANS NECESSARY (book #1), a free download with over 500 five star reviews!

After being struck by an Iran-backed terrorist attack, Israel gives Iran a 72 hour ultimatum: clear out your military bases before we destroy them by air. Iran responds: enter our airspace, and we will launch nuclear attacks on Israel and on all U.S. bases in the Mid-East.

With 72 hours to stop a nuclear Armageddon, there is only one man to turn to: Luke Stone. The President sends Luke on his boldest mission yet: to airdrop into Iran and find the secret location of the underground nukes, so that the U.S. can take them out before it’s too late.

In a mad race against time, Luke takes us on a roller-coaster through the chaotic and confusing terrain of Iran, as he scrambles to find their most-guarded secrets and prevent a war from destroying all mankind. Yet as one shocking twist follows another, it may, even for Luke, be too late.

A political thriller with non-stop action, dramatic international settings and heart-pounding suspense, OUR SACRED HONOR is book #6 in the bestselling and critically-acclaimed Luke Stone series, an explosive new series that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

“Thriller writing at its best. Thriller enthusiasts who relish the precise execution of an international thriller, but who seek the psycholog

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